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Men's Sexy Underwear

Men's Sexy Underwear


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Say 'sexy underwear' and one instantly thinks of plunging bras and lacy g-strings. But a fast-growing segment of the men's underwear market is now in sexy underwear styles. No longer consigned to cheap, sleazy 'novelty' items, mens sexy underwear is available in styles, fabrics and designs that are revealing, provocative and high-quality.

Probably due to a more fashion and body-conscious consumer and to the encouragement of romantic partners wanting to jazz things up, sexy men's underwear is now available in so many styles---briefs, thongs, jockstraps--that it's transcended the bedroom. Even underwear meant for everyday wear and for sports is exhibiting its racier, sexier side.

New fabrics, new manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge design allow for sexy men's underwear in the briefest of styles or revealing materials (or both). With such a wide range of styles available, it's time to take a chance on something sexy in your underwear wardrobe. Your body (and your partner) will thank you. So, what's out there?

Sexy Briefs

Men's sexy briefs come in so many styles that you may want one of each. Brands like C-in-2 and 2Xist offer body hugging briefs in fabrics as soft and comfortable as a second skin--but with contoured pouches and low-rise style that's just plain hot. Timoteo offers what is probably the lowest rise brief on the market, sitting below the hips. And the colors pop---featuring shades rarely seen in men's underwear, like purple, fuchsia, lemon yellow, red and lots more.

On the more extreme end of the sexy spectrum are briefs that accentuate your assets with daring styling. For example, Gregg Homme, Obviously for Men and other brands offer briefs with an anatomical pouch that enhances your profile. Many of these are available in great fashion colors and high-tech fabrics that are both supportive and comfortable.

Sexy Men's Bikinis

For those who want to do more with less, the bikini is available in lots of style options. Usually very low rise with a higher leg opening and less rear coverage, men's sexy bikinis can range from comfortable cottons to high-tech fabrics with interesting support and profile options. The Joe Snyder brand, Obviously for Men and Body Tech, for instance, offer bikini styles with minimal fabric and maximum enhancement. Bikinis come in a variety of fabrics too, including silk, spandex, modern modals and cotton.

Sexy Men's Thongs

In the world of women's lingerie, some women swear by thongs and some won't even try them. But those that do, find thongs to be not only sexy, but extremely comfortable and yes, even practical. The same is true of men's thongs. Men's thongs can be as classic as Undergear's ribbed cotton athletic thongs or as daring as PPU's low slung poly style. Some brands go for luxury mixed with risque style, like Mansilk's 100% silk pouch thong. Some thongs take advantage of modern technology to provide maximum enhancement. And, as with women's thongs, you can expect no visible line--even under your tightest jeans.

Men's Sheer Sexy Underwear

Regardless of cut or style, fabric innovations have made it possible for men's sexy underwear to be comfortable, provide some support and be virtually sheer. Fabrics such a sheer stretch mesh, like that in BumGear's mesh briefs, hug the body with all-over mesh fabric. Other styles incorporate sheer and opaque fabrics in stripes or patterns. Modern polymers also allow for extremely light semi-sheer fabrics that show some skin and still give support.

If you've been a tighty-whitey guy or knit boxer briefs all the way, it's time to change it up with some sexy underwear. It's no secret that sexy lingerie can make a woman feel confident and sexy. Sexy men's styles can do the same for you. And if your partner feels a new spark seeing you in your sexy undies, consider it a bonus.

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